It is possible to transport a stable, but disabled patient for very long distances using medical transport. In fact, it is even possible to move a person in this condition all the way across the country. It is even possible to transport the patient overseas. Of course, the price tags on these types of transports can be quite high.

As with short distance transport, vans can be used. Some of these vans are actually quite luxurious inside. They are designed to help keep the patient comfortable for the long trip. These vans can have quite a bit of room inside. They even can have televisions and other modern amenities. There are a variety of companies that have vans that are used for this kind of medical transportation.

However, for some trips, it is impossible to use ground transportation. In these cases, aircraft can be used. These aircraft can often be quite luxurious inside. Medical staff help to keep the patient safe on the long trip. Of course, this is only a good option if a patient is in stable condition. A variety of companies have aircraft that are used for this kind of medical transportation.